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4 Nov 2006, 3:30ish.
So, since LJ's been down for the last, um, 12 hours, I thought I'd type up something in a notepad window for posting when it comes up. :P

I've decided to try a new book, wilwheaton suggested it to me, and I've always wanted to read it anyway: Larry Niven's Ringworld. I wiki'd it and the cover art alone got me. I read a little bit about the premise, and I love it.

Well, have you ever gotten up, started doing stuff, being productive, and then you wake up? Yeah, it happened to me. I slept thru my alarm and proceded to dream of the things I wanted to do, so now that I'm really awake, I am sulky and don't want to do them "again." Plus, I've lost 5 hours that I should have been working on stuff. T_T Anyway, gonna go shoot some pool now.

present time
I ended up spending some time last night making a few Torchwood icons, well, I got 2 done and a third started (with minimovies it's harder and I couldn't find the ttf I was going to use as a framebrush. >.<

They really broke LJ hard. Glad it's finally up.


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Nov. 6th, 2006 01:59 pm (UTC)
Ringworld is good, almost everything by Niven is good. There are several Ringworld books. Oh, the luck of Teela Brown!
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