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Movies I Watched This Weekend
Scary Movie 2
If you haven't watched Scary Movie 2, don't. It's not nearly as good as the original or #3. The Charlie's Angels fight scene spoof was funny, but little else was worth the two hours it has been taking up on my TiVo.

Resident Evil
Also, I watched Resident Evil. What can I say about this? Milla Jovovich is great to watch kicking ass. Yup, that's about it. No, really, it isn't a terribly thought-inducing movie, except for the whole memory-loss thing. Whatever, it's just meant to be an action movie.

Blade Runner
Now, Blade Runner. That was worth the time. I think I've seen it before, but it was in a dorm environment where it was more about Blade Runner being on and talking with other people than about watching Blade Runner. I know, all the C&Gers and Sci-Fi freaks are saying, "You've never seen Blade Runner before?" What can I say? I never got around to it.

Blade Runner was beautifully done and the effects were great for 1982. I was also thinking that we are more than halfway between the time it was made and the time it was set. The strange thing is that twenty-two years ago, genetic engineering wasn't even something that could really be done, and now we're making clones, bioluminescent mice, and rice enriched with vitamin A, as well as starting down the path of fixing genetic defects in adult human beings. In another fifteen years, who knows how far this science will have come? That's why we have sci-fi writers: to envision the possible and impossible and to give us something to try to make a reality. Arthur C. Clarke envisioned a global satellite communications system and now we take it for granted. He also told us about a space elevator which is now in the planning stage.

Blade Runner is a wonderful movie because it not only provokes my thoughts on the future, but makes me ponder the basis of humanity and where it is going. If an android has all the memories of a human and doesn't know she's an android until someone tells her and then reacts to the news with confusion and denial and anger, just like a human, does that make her human? I mean, it could be argued that a person is the sum of her memories, and that sum shapes her reactions to future events. Now I'm getting all philosophical. I guess that's the point of the movie: to make us think. I mean, really, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?"

As an aside, is it just me, or does Chiana from "Farscape" remind anyone else of Darryl Hannah's Pris (in makeup)? Eh, maybe it is just me...


I'm still working on it. I still can't believe some of what I've found. I found those photos that jaka_talbot took of me in her senior year. I'll put them up once I get them scanned. I found even more photos from my senior year. Now everything's in piles of like type, and I need to sort thru them and figure out where to put the items.


Oh, shit. I got hooked. I was just seeing if anything was on live TV last night, and since TiVo'd just recorded "Queer Eye," it was still on Bravo. So I see Dave Foley hosting "Celebrity Poker Showdown." Now I want to try it. Grr...


I was trying to pick out a mood and thought I should put avaricious because of the poker thing, but it isn't one of the presets. Neither is greedy. Then I looked more closely.

There are no presets for the sinful moods:
proud or vain, envious or covetous (tho there is jealous), gluttonous (tho there is hungry), lustful (tho there is horny), wrathful (tho there are angry and pissed off), greedy or avaricious, or slothly (tho there is lazy).

Hmm... there are no presets for the moods of the heavenly virtues:
faithful, charitable or selfless, fortified or courageous or even brave, just, temperant, or prudent.
The one that is there is hopeful.

There are no presets for the moods of the contrary virtues:
humble, kind, abstinent, chaste, patient, liberal, or diligent.

I can hardly be sinful or virtuous without finding a mood icon that is close to the mood I feel and then rename it. "Father, why have you forsaken my mood icons!?"

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