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Birthdays, work, and food.

I just found out that on one's birthday at my workplace, one is supposed to bring one's own treats! So I'm considering taking that day off, and the Friday before (for the Halloween party, I've already gotten a half-day, and the day after (Halloween/Samhain). I've been told that not working on one's actual birthday doesn't excuse one from the bring-one's-own-treats rule. >,< Since I make my own rules when it comes to my religion, it may end up being that bringing birthday treats to work is against the rules. We'll see.

I still haven't picked out any costuming for the holiday. I have a couple things in mind, but nothing actually bought.

In the food department today, I said, "Oh, chocolate silk pie! Why? Why did you throw your chocolatey goodness off of my fork into the abyss over the table? WHY?!?!?!" It was sad, but easy to clean.
Tags: birthday, costume, food, halloween, samhain

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