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Fall foods

Mmm... Autumn is here in all her bone-chilling, drizzly, grey-days misery. The weater here always lets me know that my birthday and Halloween are just around the corner. Soon, the trees will be bare and my world's colour saturation will be turned down a bit. Skeletal branches reach up in pleading to the silver and leaden sky.

Although I have no windows here at work, I can still feel that weather in my mind. What food is better for this weather than some good soup? This weekend, P made a wonderful soup, and today, the cafeteria here had tomato soup and mozzerella sticks. They go together so well!

Soon enough the days will become very short (most noteably on the 29th), and the snows will start to fall with greater frequency. I'm enjoying this short window between the end of the summer weather and the start of the winter weather. Autumn never seems to get its full three months'.
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