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I did something constructive tonight!

I made some Doctor Who icons, trying to remember how to do some of the things with the GIMP, and figuring out what I didn't know. I'm so happy that I can get my own screencaps!!

I balanced my bank and credit card accounts (which I haven't done since just before CONvergence). Glad no one stole my identity during that time. I'll be more vigilant in the future. I kind of freaked out when I opened a statement from one of my credit cards, and it was about $1,000 more than I thought it should be. Forgot that I'd put my new computer on it. e_e;

As a little side note: Ares fur is soooo soft! I think that Aussie Mega shampoo did wonders on it! He'd be my pillow if he didn't purr so loud. Oh, and try to bite me when i try to use him as a pillow. ~_^ j/k.

I'm going to try to leave the house tomorrow. *only half-joking* I was thinking about going to ICON in CR, but I didn't feel so great when I got up (headache) and by the time I felt okay, I just didn't want to go anywhere. I've been thinking about my Halloween costume. As I did last year, I have a really great idea for a costume, but not the time or resources to pull it off. Maybe... I better win the contest this year if I do pull it off. I'll have to check out Spencer's and maybe that Halloween shop in Westdale in CR. We'll see, me and the voices will...

I hate my cuticles. >.< Bleeding again. Grr.
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