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Electoral Vote Predictor

For jaka_talbot, I put some good news up for the Kerry camp.

Electoral-vote.com has an up-to-date picture of where the electoral votes for the Presidency stand. They also have previous days' results. Since yesterday, Kerry's pulled to a 40 vote lead, getting 273 (270 are needed to win) from yesterday's 2 point deficit (swinging PA's 21 votes in his favor). They use polls in each state to determine which way it goes. You can hover over a state to find out the poll numbers and the source poll.

IA and CO are barely Kerry (by 4% and 1%, respectively), so if you know any liberals or anti-Bush people who aren't planning to vote, get them to register and get an absentee ballot. MN is weak Kerry (by 6%). NV and (duh) FL are ties.
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