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It was Wile E. Coyote all over again...

You know those cartoons where the Coyote orders Giant Fly Paper from Acme, and he puts it out for the Roadrunner to get caught in, but he ends up getting caught on it himself?

In a cartoon: Funny
In real life: Not funny once you realise the danger.

We live in a rural area, and we get flies. Fruit flies, horse flys, house flys, bot flys, etc. We hang those rolled up flystrips to help control the problem in the kitchen area.

Somehow Ares got one of these stuck to his body. From just below the jaw and down his left arm and his chest. So, I had to drop everthing, and pull it out of his fur. He didn't like that. It was hard to keep him from licking himself while I looked for a mild shampoo for him (the cat shampoo disappeared >.<). He was very unhappy about the bath. I used the shower head to wet him down, but it is very difficult to get a cat to stay in the tub when he's dry, much moreso when he's wet. He ended up hanging onto a bar at the side of the tub, both front paws latched over the top of it. At that point he was at least staying still. Towel dried him and put him in my room (warmest room of the house) on a towel. He's spent the last hour licking himself. His fur is all spikey. It's slimming, not that he is fat. I don't know if the flystrips have a poison. I doubt they need it for flies, but better safe than sorry. I'll keep an eye on him. I figure we'll get at least a couple good hairballs out of this.

Gotta talk to P about this. I don't know if she hung it too low or trashed it badly, but if he'd gotten it in his mouth, that would have been a very bad thing. I think he brushed up against it hanging under a cabinet because there was an area where wtuff was knocked over. He'll be fine, though the bath traumatised him. It's his first in 5 years.

For those of you keeping score, this was after midnight local, not on Friday the 13th.
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