Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

This started as a comment...

The US has revoked our subscription to part of the Geneva Conventions, and with it, our country's right to be looked to as a model nation.

"Geneva Conventions Not Establishing Source of Rights- No alien enemy unlawful combatant subject to trial by military commission under this chapter may invoke the Geneva Conventions as a source of rights at his trial by military commission."

There's also a part that says that alien enemy unlawful combatants are not subject to the right of a speedy trial. They can be held indefinitely without charges, and the Congress has sanctioned this.

It made me cry when I read this. First, the US invaded Iraq based on the lies of the administration, and against the UN. Now the Congress has handed over the power to do what they will to the President and the Secretary of Defense.

It sickens me. The dozen Democrats in the Senate and the 41 in the House that didn't have the fortitude to vote against this sicken me. I have absolutely no respect left for Sen. Lieberman. Of all the people in the world, a Jewish man should know to stand up against the debasement and persecution of human beings, or has he forgotten the lessons of what absolute power does to a leader with a grudge?

Torture is not this American's value. Acknowledging the humanity of even the most malign criminal is what gives the rest of us our humanity. I want it marked that I am against this bill, this new law. I find it an abhorrent that anyone should even bring such a bill to the table, much moreso that more than half of our representatives would be in favor of it.

I want to thank Republican Rep. Jim Leach of Iowa's 2nd District for standing against his party on this issue. I want to thank Sen. Harkin for supporting real Democratic values by voting against this atrocity. I want to voice my revulsion at Senator Grassley's Yea vote in the Senate. I will be conacting each as I can to let them know how this constituent feels.
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