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More on the Weird Al video

I was watching it and I think the equation may just be gibberish, just to see how many emails he gets about it.

I managed to freeze the Trivial Pursuit card:

(G ) In what city is the largest ball of twine built by one man?
(E ) What's the deal with Lindsay Lohan? I mean, seriously?
(H ) F.D.R. - was he faking it?
(AL) On what page does Harry Potter die in the next book?
(SN) What is the melting point of a gorilla's head?
(SL) How many Wicket Men are there on a 43-Man Squattish team?

Also, the Wiki entry he's editing is Atlantic Records. See how quick the internet is? ^_^

BTW - The submit button on this entry says "Update Captain's Log." O.o Someone's too white and nerdy at LJ.
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