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Room / Rubik's Hypercube / Klaxon / Quiz / RNC

I've been spending a lot of time cleaning my room. I mean really cleaning my room. I'm going through everything.

I went through all the stuff in my file cabinet, and found a bunch of crap that wasn't even mine. Ex-roommates stashed away stuff in various unlabeled folders.

All the stuff I don't need I'm throwing away or putting in storage containers. I plan to make a hanging curtain for my "closet," because I don't actually have a closet, just a corner of the room where I hang my clothes.

I've found a bunch of photos, including some from the Sponge '97 Spring Formal. My scanner isn't working with my computer anymore, so I think I'll take them to the store and use the Kodak machine. That way I can put them up on the web.

I found a couple of cards from my late father. I plan to keep those in a safe place.

I just can't believe all the stuff I have that I don't use or didn't even know about.


Rubik's Hypercube
WARNING: This entry and puzzle could cause severe brain damage from seizure or aneurysm.

I was searching for an anniversary present for impish1 when I found this: Magic Cube 4D. The instructions are hard enough, but it is basically a 2-D representation of a 3-D interpretation of a 4-D Rubik's Hypercube. The 3x3x3x3 puzzle has over 1.7 x 10120 possible unique states, whereas the traditional 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube has only 4.3 x 1019.

hypercubeIf you aren't familiar with a hypercube or tesseract, think of it this way. A line is a 1-D object with 2 points (vertices) at the ends. Extend that perpendicularly into 2-D, and you get a square, which has 4 vertices, 4 edges, and 1 face. Extend that perpendicularly into 3-D, and you get a cube, which has 8 vertices, 12 edges, and 6 faces, and 1 volume. Now extend that perpendicularly into 4-D (this is a thought exercise only as we only perceive 3 linear dimensions), and you get a hypercube, which has 16 vertices, 32 edges, 20 faces, and 8 volumes (I think). We represent it like this (pic at right). If you really want to know more about them, go to this Danish Math Site. You can actually continue this into additional dimensions to infinity, but the more dimensions there are, the harder it is to imagine or represent in 3-D space.

The hypercube is used brilliantly in the movie Hypercube: Cube 2, which will also make your brain hurt.


Trek Humor
It would be funny if someone in command on the Enterprise told the computer to play "Forever Yesterday" by the Soup Dragons on all intraship com channels. It starts with a sample of the red alert klaxon. Ha! I think I'm a loony. Maybe the return of Pool league will help. %^}



A GREEN Dragon Lies Beneath!

My inner dragon color is GREEN. Click here to try the Quiz!

My inner dragon is the embodiment of Nature and the Earth. I'm also the Earth Elemental dragon; the defender of all living things. You've heard of forest spirits? Well, I'm as big and tough as they get. Click the image to try the Inner Dragon Online Quiz for yourself.


Republican Hair-Puller
Oh, yeah, I almost forgot! How childish! :P
Republican ass-monkey pulls protester's hair

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