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I'm okay

I know I haven't been active on LJ this weekend, and I've turned down social invites. I'm fine, just being a bit neurotic. I don't know why that question set me off like that. It probably has something to do with the season's ready to change again, and I'm just weird about talking to people sometimes. Anyway, thank you all for the words of support and analysis.

Speaking of neuroses, I read (I think in Discover magazine in a little blurb) that households with cats tend to have higher rates of neurotic behaviour. This might be linked to the infamous toxoplasmosis is cat feces. It makes sense. Crazy cat lady is a diagnosis now, not just an epithet. This is my amused rolling of eyes → e_e

This weekend Bob came over and on Saturday night we were out around the fire pit and Bob played guitar while I played the mandolin and P sang. It was fun. One really spooky thing happened, too. I knew a C chord, but not Cm. Bob said, "there's a Cm here, do you know that one?" I said no but took a stab at it, changing 0233 to 0133, and it was right! ^_^ I think what I've read on The Cipher really helped me understand some of the theory enough to do that. My fingers still hurt from all the playing, but that just means I need to play more often so I get them used to it.

I've played an assload (32 shitloads) of WoW this weekend, and my Priest Shikigami is up to 30 (yay Mind Control!), and my new frost Mage (yes, I loved the maging so much as to make another) is at 16.

That is all for now.
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