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Movies / Labor Day / Nostalgia / Photoshop otD / Bad, Evil, Naughty Computer!

Movies I Need to Watch
My TiVo is nearly overflowing with unwatched movies. Ok, so it's only about a quarter of the capacity, but still, that's over twenty hours. I've got Nosferatu, Soylent Green, and Scary Movie 2, just to name a few.

I have TiVo set to record The Emperor's New Groove (at jaka_talbot's suggestion) and Pay It Forward if they ever come on.

I also need to see the zombie comedies Bubba Ho-tep and the soon-to-be-released Shaun of the Dead.

What else must I see? Please suggest away!


Labor Day
Labor Day sucks when you're unemployed. It's like any other Monday, except that everything is closed, and there are people everywhere. I'm glad I spent most of it at home. We couldn't find a place that served a fresh tenderloin to save our lives. :P Oh, well. I guess it wasn't a huge deal. Nevermind.


Tonight I watched VH1's "I Love the 90's!" for '90 and '91. jaka_talbot, if you want a real trippy bit of a time warp, watch this show. Snap bracelets, Clarence Thomas, Pee-Wee's masturbation scandal, Nirvana, Voguing? I can't believe how much I'd forgotten about pop culture from when I was 16.


Photoshop of the Day
Crypt Keeper LadySo while I was getting the URLs for the movies above, I saw what I thought was the Crypt Keeper out of the corner of my eye. I looked, and it was actually an ad for some Medi-Care Rx supplement card. I realized that a lot of what one sees in one's peripherial vision can be misinterpreted by the brain, case in point. It was an easy mistake to make, as you can see here. BTW, this image is 100 pixels wide, so it can be used as a UserPic on LJ. >:)


My Computer Sucks!
Yeah, I'll press any key...I need a new one. Explorer just crashed. Again. I can hardly do two things at once on here without it freezing, not responding, or crashing various programs. My fault for trying to run Outlook, 2x Notepad, and 3x IE at the same time. :P Anyone wanting to donate something better than a Celeron 466MHz with 192MB of RAM, let me know. Blarg, with my luck I'd probably fry everything if I tried to mix and match hardware.

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