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A New Zealand woman who has an artificial leg made especially for running (she runs the 100m) was not allowed to take said leg onboard as a carry-on as she has in the past. It was lost and not returned to her for 8 days. She was a bit more than annoyed, and had even asked the manufacturer to rush her a new one (they're valued at over US$6,000).

I just can't imagine having to give up a piece of my body for air travel. Whether it was artificial or not is beside the point. Not allowing her to have it travel with her was pure idiocy. She's out 8 days of training, plus the stress of all this is definitely going to hurt her chances in her upcoming event. What's next? No dentures? No glass eyes? No wheelchairs?

All this crap about liquids on a plane in stupid as well. If suicidal/homicidal terrorists wanted to smuggle liquids that could be combined to create an explosive on board, it would be a simple process to catheterise them, fill the bladder with the liquids and then they could later dispense them in the head in turn and create the combination. And don't even comment that I shouldn't give them ideas. 1: They don't mine my journal for smuggling tips. 2: If they can't think of this themselves, then we've given them far too much credit to begin with. Of course, the NSA probably is monitoring my journal because I'm a disident, and they'll next tell airport security that all passengers must be catheterised and have their bladders drained before boarding. I'm sorry for giving those pricks any ideas. XP


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Sep. 1st, 2006 02:01 pm (UTC)
What a bunch of ass-monkeys. Taking food from babies is bad enough, but an actual body part? Tooooo much.

I hope they get sued to reimburse her for the replacement cost.
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