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Fun with My Heritage Celebrity Look-Alike Collages

This is me! I'm flattered, mostly. ^_^;;

I did this one out of curiosity if Goldie Hawn would come up. Not in the top 10, anyway.

Goldie Hawn from myheritage.comThis is Goldie. Not smiling like Kate, but a good likeness.

Orlando Bloom evidently doesn't look like himself.

Orlando Bloom from myheritage.comI think he looks like this one from myheritage.com's celebrity gallery.

Yes, for the curious, you can go there. This mass-murderer looks like...
Looks like I'm disappointed. v_v

Oh, well. Anyone know who this Rob Bourdon guy is? Oh, drummer for Linkin Park. Heh. >.>
Tags: celebrity, lookalike, myheritage
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