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I've been on LJ over 2 years now. I started this journal at 08/01/04 03:59 PM. Wow. In that time, I've commented 3,860 times. That's over 5 per day on average. Of course, there was like a whole month where I wasn't even on LJ for reasons I can't remember now (I think it was after I first got on at the hospital as a temp). I realised I was a comment whore (and made the icon) after I had more than twice the number of comments of the #2 commenter in joshwasta's journal. I think I'm more of a respondent than a poster, for the most part.

I have some birthdays coming up, too. 26 Oct is my 5th rebirthday of one kind (which I spent in Canada), and 3 Mar is my 10th rebirthday of another (which occured during the lunchtime between morning and afternoon Shakespeare classes). Oh, and of course 30 Oct is my 4th annual 29th birthday, a party is expected.

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