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Free computer stuff

I have a couple of old computer towers. The components are good, but I formatted the hard drives. I kind of threw a bunch of stuff in the towers, and some of it's not hooked up. If you're a little computer savvy like me, you could reassemble it into a working computer, just need an OS.

They don't fit completely in the boxes I got with my new computer, so I'm trying to give them away. I might be willing to piece them out if someone wants a specific part.

One's a 10-ish year old Sony Vaio, Celeron processor (I think 433MHz and 192MB RAM). Has one 10GB and one 20GB HDD, CD/DVD Rom drive (not writeable), and 8x/12x/32x CD/RW drive, 3.5" floppy. Has PS/2 ports for keyboard and mouse, 2 USB ports, ethernet port, serial and parallel ports. Does not have keyboard or mouse.

The other is a Dell off a business lease. It's a Pentium II (unsure of the speed), 256MB RAM (pretty sure). Has a 20MB HDD, ZIP disk, CD-ROM drive, 3.5" floppy. Has PS/2 ports for keyboard and mouse, 2 USB ports, ethernet port, ethernet port, serial and parallel ports. Has PS/2 keyboard and ball mouse.

These are both CRTs. Very heavy and bulky. Both are flatscreen.

The Vaio is a 15" with speakers on the sides and the base, and a mic on top.

The Dell is 17", no extras.

If you want to have a look or pick some of this up, let me know via email (mandydax at yahoo.com or gmail.com). Since I work nights during the week, it'd have to be before 2pm or on a weekend. The whole reason I'm looking at the giveaway is that I can't fit either monitor in a box with a tower. If it comes down to it, I'll ship the towers together for recycling and give the monitors to Goodwill or some other agency.
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