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LotR RofL

Owned... lol ↑This was someone's sign-line at the WoW forums. I'd been having a critical error on logout and was hopeing there'd be some insights. Well, I found someone with the same problem, but no answer. I ended up tracking it down to a buggy macro. Fix the macro, fix the error.

Anyway, B&T Jam was great fun. I bet you they won't play that song on the radio. I bet you they won't play that *#@! song. We were in the 18th row, so we couldn't see well. The seating was horrid, tho. Folding chairs in crude rows. After a three hour show, my ass was asleep. Also, there were about 18 inches (45cm) width for each seat. That's barely enough room for me. Consider the average eastern Iowan. The guy beside me wasn't fat, but he was buff and those huge arms and his, um, scent(?) were kind of invading my personal space, and not in a good way. Overall, tho, it was a great show.

Had a pretty bad headache all the way thru it, but after, we went to Perkins and I had a Mushroom and grease burger and feel much better.
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