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Stardust / Saturday / SD Card / Kitty Pix / Hot!!

Mandy Stardust
I PhotoShop. Mandy Stardust


Did you ever have one of those days? I went to town to get hamburgers (I realize now I forgot buns), potato salad, and mini-donuts to take to Cate's, but when it came time, I get where I think I should be and no one is there. No one answers the phone, and I realize I'm a dumb-ass. I think, "small space?" Oh, crap, she moved, and I forgot to ask where. So I send an email to her (with the wrong number for my cell-phone), and by the time we get in contact, Patti's already cooking for the both of us. Blarg. Dumb-ass with a capital DUMB.


Lots of Room for Pix
While at the store, I saw Wal-Mart had a Rollback on the 128MB memory cards that go in my new camera. So I get one, and now instead of having to go with a lower resolution, I can keep the high res and take more pix. Yay!


More Kitty Pix
I finally got some pictures of Butch. She's pretty, but annoying, like Mariah Carey. Anyway, a page of kitty pix is here.


Hot, Hot, Hot!
Something (a rodent of some kind) got into the furnace where the fan that blows the air thru the ducts is. So now the fan isn't working. There don't appear to be any loose or chewed wires, but it won't blow cool air thru the house. This being a long weekend, the HVAC people won't even answer the phone until Tuesday. I have a window A/C, but the rest of the house is sweltering in the first heat we've had in two or three weeks. I think I'll go outside just to be in the lake breeze.
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