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Ok, got it, learn patience. ... How long will that take?

I've never ordered a computer that had to be built and shipped. I've always had the instant gratification of buying the thing right there in the store. Now that I've ordered my Dell... I WANT IT NOW!

But I have this deal with myself that my room will be clean, moved around and presentable when I get the thing. My original reason for wanting my room all nice was so I could hang up all the art I have now and show it off, and so when P gives someone new to the house a grand-tour, it can include the tower where I live. But now, me room might end up being an entertainment center. The room itself is very large, and with 2 computers, including the new one that can play programs downloaded from my TiVo in addition to DVDs and whatever else might be on it onto a nice big screen. Then the only problem with having people over are coinciding loud time with roomie not sleeping time and the fact that people don't really like to drive all the way out mostly. (Tho I drive into IC every afternoon and back every night).

I think I'll put some booster fans in the floor vents to help boost the A/C up to the top of the house. I'll look into that. Help keep the room a comfy temp...

Anyway, thanks for reading the ramble.

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