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Dude! I'm getting a Dell!

Yeah, I just ordered it. Estimated ship date is this Thursday, so I should have it by the middle of the month. I mentioned wanting to get a computer to someone at work, and she said I should try Dell, since Mercy employees get a discount. Glad I said something, because I had no idea. Should have been obvious, tho, since all our computers are Dells. Der. Anyway, I check out the EPP site, and there's a special going on where I can save up to 1/3 off select desktops, so I find the one with a dual core, and start upgrading. Total for the whole thing is almost $1800, but with all the discounts, I got it for $1160. It's a sweet system, too. Should be able to handle (yes, WoW, too), all the photo and video editing I want to do. DVD burning! (Did I mention that I got the software that allows for burning my TiVo recordings to DVD? Well, I did. ^_^). I'm keeping my laptop, too, for a bunch of stuff that it still does really well.
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