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I bid a bad girl, et al CONvergence stuff

Oh, so I went to the art auction with a couple of things in mind, one of which I got. Then I ended up getting a couple other things I didn't realize I wanted going in. $175 later... hehe, not really. I have to pay for it all tomorrow, and maybe a silent auction item.

jaka_talbot: You are soon to be the owner of Ember by Ruth Thompson. I'll try to get in touch with you in the morning so we can get together in the afternoon.
I got a print of a littoral mermaid, probably for P.
I got second or third pick of the Iron Artist works tomorrow. Who I give that to is TBD.
I also got at the show high written bids on a beautiful photographic PSP'd piece by an artist named Skull Queen. She was at the show and saw me writing down my bid, came over, and gave me a great big hug and thank you. She's an amateur and was thrilled that someone wanted to buy her work.
I also got at the show another piece called Persephone's Dream (if I remember right).
The silent auction item is one which a certain friendslist person would freak out over if I gave it to them. I really hope I win it. The price will be worth seeing the reaction.

I got to see fireboydan for a while after his set, but I did unfortunately miss his band playing because the auction went 2½ hours as overlapped their set.

I got hit on by a tall cute boy (who I could tell had to build up courage to talk to me). Unfortunately, I was so surprised that I forgot to flirt back, and he kinda ran away and I kinda ran away, too. Dammit!! I also got hit on by a fetishboy and his "cleavage tribble." For him I had a boyfriend at whom I was disappointed for not coming to the con with me. I'm such an idiot sometimes.

On Friday evening after a panel on Series 1 of the new Doctor Who, they were showing Series 2. I ended up watching episodes 1-5. Epi 5 is a cliffhanger. So after I doublechecked when they were showing the rest of the Series 2, I escaped the spoiler-filled panel about that series, then came back for the conclusion in Epi 6.

After that, I dashed to the Masquerade and ended up getting front row seats (way to house right, but still, not bad for showing up at the last minute).

Robert O'Reilly and J.G.Hertzler (Gowron and Martok) are really fun, funny guys. They have a Klingon rap that they do. Hilarious! Very dedicated actors as well, are they. Both have done a great deal of stage performance as well as TV. Bob says that he really got the part of Gowron because he did the "eye thing" during part of his audition and Johnathan Frakes loved it. J.G. has a mostly blind left eye, so he had to put his foot down when they wanted Martok to lose his right eye. Fun-loving theatre-folk. Gotta love 'em. In fact, when I got my seat at Masquerade, I had to wait for them to vacate their stage-side seats before I could take them, and being the honorable Klingon ~_^ J.G. gave his up early to me and stood at stage left, but was nice enough to take a moment to meet me. He even knew what my name meant (and not just the Shakespearean character) "one to be looked upon." Really sweet guy.

I also bought a t-shirt of a baked kitty with its catnip mousey "If you don't talk to your cat about catnip, who will?" and a votive holder of a circle of cats watching the flame. I probably would have bought a nice Captain Jack style pirate hat, but the brown wasn't quite right for me and the forest green was definitely not. Probably just as well.
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