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Yay, drugs! They're imports from Canada. I was a couple days without, and I hadn't had my amitriptyline (for my headaches) in a long time. I'd been on 30mg, but went with the 25mg since you can get 100 of 25mg or 100 of 10mg for the same $10. So I took my medicine which I usually take right before bed at 1pm. Oh, did I mention amitriptyline has a sedative side-effect until you get it built up in your system? I had to take Patti to the dentist, and then later we were at Hy-Vee and someone asked me how my job was going. I gave him a blank stare, although I knew I knew him. Then I remembered I had worked at NCS PSC with him for a couple weeks. Moral: "Drugs are bad, m'kay?" Especially if you take them at the wrong time.

Ironically, it is now almost 4am and I took my pills about 3 hours ago to help me sleep, but I'm not that tired. :P


I broke down yesterday and bought a real digital camera (with an LCD and a flash!) It's a Samsung Digimax 301. Really the best one of the just-over-$100 cameras they had at Wal-Mart and also the cheapest at ~$120. I've taken plenty of cat pix, but have to trim them down for posting.


Filing Work
So this week I worked at Moore Wallace copying a bunch of files and packing up the originals. They estimated it was a 3 day project, and I finished at about 10:30am on day 3. Damn my efficiency! Too bad I get paid by the hour and not for the complete project. :(


Does anyone know where I might have seen or heard this? I don't think I came up with it myself.

If Heaven's full of Christians, and I go there when I die, then wouldn't Heaven just be a Hell up in the sky?



SpikeTV and Obscure Medical Terms
I've seen the ad for CSI on SpikeTV dozens of times. I recently started looking more closely. These are the four medical terms, as they appear on the screen, that they use in that commercial: Cacospysy, Tachynea, Endolymph, Hyperhydrosis.

Cacospysy - Irregular pulse
Spike guy pronounces it Ka-kah-sihp-see; should be ka-kah-spih-see.

Tachynea - Rapid Breathing
Spike spells Tachypnea incorrectly.
Spike guy pronounces it Ta-kek-nee-uh; should be ta-kihp-nee-uh (no, the "p" is not silent).

Endolymph - Cochlear Fluid
Hyperhydrosis (also hyperhidrosis) - Excessive Sweating
Spike guy pronounces these correctly.

I just can't believe they let this go to air with these errors. They were easily discernable with a quick Google search of the terms. What really amazes me is that they use the terms in context correctly. Spike is going to be running almost nothing but CSI for a couple weeks.

Bankruptcy Discharge
Yay! I'm no longer insolvent! The court has issued my discharge and all my debts except for my student loans are gone. No, I don't owe you money.


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Sep. 4th, 2004 06:47 am (UTC)
I'm glad you got the discharge, sort of. It'll help you for the immediate future. However, it will make it harder for you 10-20 years down the road. Not certain the exact details. Check with my SO. My father-in-law declared bankruptcy when Jeff was younger (not sure how long it ago it was, but it was awhile). He was having problems with his credit rating for a very long time. I'd say he still is, but he has a house now. More than what either of us have.
Sep. 4th, 2004 11:06 am (UTC)
Actually, my credit rating just improved because all my accounts were over 120 days past due. The bankruptcy only stays on your record for 10 years I think. Either way, it doesn't really matter. I had no real choice but to file. <catch-22>Actually, for a while, I didn't even have enough money to do that, or I would have done it three or four months earlier.</catch-22>
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