Miranda (mandydax) wrote,


Made it. I guess they decided to put that most annoying of road textures on much of the "Avenue of the Saints." Y'know, the one where it has the parallel grooves in the road, and it feels like your tires are wobbly. It's very sedating. I'm gonna take a little nap in a minute. On the plus side, they didn't charge me for getting the dates wrong, so I'm only paying the extra onenight's stay to see PotC:DMC tonight when it opens. Also, free wireless intarwebs! Teh yay! Ok, sleep now... Oh, yeah, and I got a free iced mocha with my venti mocha at Starbucks this afternoon because a newbie was being "certified," having to make drinks they'd otherwise toss. Who can argue with 40oz of Starbuck's for a roadtrip? Not I!
Tags: convergence, hotel
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