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Bad driver who just happened to be a little old lady

Yeah, I wasn't in a particular hurry to get to work today. I was running on time, but could have been a bit late. Let me 'splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

Following Little Old Lady (LOL [and no, I wasn't Laughing Out Loud]) in an area where there wasn't sufficient passing room: LOL is going 30 in a 45. >.<

Get to a 4-lane part of the road: LOL doesn't signal, but moves over to the left, cutting off a person in that lane, gets the horn and the finger.

In the left lane, LOL turns on her left-turn signal, which I take to signify her intent to turn left at the light. I pull forward in the right lane to go past her, and when she reaches my blind spot (which means my car is half a length ahead of hers and yet still beside it), she decides she doesn't want to turn left but rather wants to change lanes into my car! Luckily I was paying a bit of attention and hit my horn (but was to busy not dying to give her the finger). She stops her lane change until I'm past her and then she does the lane change and stops with other cars behind her.

This is when I looked back and saw the little white-coifed head poking above the steering wheel. I also thought later that if she hadn't been able to hear my horn, she'd have an at-fault accident for her insurance to pay for, and enough of those and, (hopefully) she'd have to turn in her keys for inability to pay insurance premiums.

I know that not all old people are bad drivers, but people over the age of 75 are as high-risk a group as those under the age of 25. The young drivers are because of inexperience and poor judgement. The elderly are because of deteriorating reflexes, sight, and hearing. The young gain experience and get better judgement when it comes to driving. The elderly are not going to get better reflexes, sight, and hearing. They're on the downside of that bell curve.

But, no harm done today. I wish I'd thought enough to get the plate number and report her. Hopefully this next week, what with the Highway Patrol's Zero-Tolerance thing for Independence week, she'll get a couple of tickets.

BTW, as a friendly warning to those travelling this next week on America's Interstate highways, they are doing Zero-Tolerance for speeding, seat-belts violations, following to close, inattentive driving, and so on. Expect a lot of Operating While Intoxicated in the police blotter this week. Drive slow and safe. If that ain't the dog's bollocks. >.<

Anyway... I'm starting my 9-day weekend in about half an hour. ^_^ I have lots planned.
Tonight: The Devil Wears Prada and slumber party
Tomorrow: The Tempest (pray no rain, my Ariel)
Sunday: Bowling for Soup
Monday: Charlie Daniels' Band
4th? Fireworks? (kinda open here)
Wednesday: nothing yet
Thursday: (technically Friday 12:01am) Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest in MSP!
7th-9th: CONvergence!
Tags: elderly drivers, holiday, rant

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