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Comedy To-night!

Tonight, P and I went to Penguin's Comedy Club to see Pat Godwin. I just heard about it last night while I was listening to my recording of The Bob & Tom Show. Now the last couple of times I've gone, the MC was worse than horrible (like painful-to-see-how-bad-his-jokes-are-bombing bad), and the opening act was bad to mediocre. Tonight was a pleasant change. The MC was a very funny off-the-cuff guy, warmed up the crowd and helped to point out the bachelorette party including the bride with the glowing penis necklace and condom-laced veil and the bridesmaid with the glitter-penises on her springy headband. The opening act was a big man named Mark Poolos whose style was very magicianlike in that he'll tell a joke and you think he's done with the joke and you think "oh, that was funny, haha, I think I'll take a sip of beverage here..." and then he adds that extra comment like the magician pulling the rabbit out of his ass and there's the spit-or-choke moment. I had sore cheeks and belly because he kept doing this for his full set. The main attraction for the night was of course Paddy G. He was wonderful. He played my favorite of his: "Gangsta Folk." He even got the whole audience in on a practical joke on one of the bridesmaids who ran to the bathroom during his set. On the whole, it was a fantastic night of hilarity. ^o^
Tags: comedy, mark poolos, pat godwin, penguins
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