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BOP: "First name?"

Me: "Miranda. M-I-R-A-N-D-A..."
BOP: *coy look*
Me: "Oh, but you probably knew that." *smirk*
BOP: *smile* *nod*

Yesterday, I went and got tickets to The Tempest in the park on the 1st. The above is a snippet of conversation I had with the Box Office Person.

I'm so used to people misspelling my name (either Meranda or Maranda or even Amanda) that I often spell it out just to make sure they get it right. Thing is is this case, a main character in the play is Miranda, daughter of the summoner of the Tempest. (Technically Prospero is the master of the spirit Ariel who causes the storm, but whatever.) I should remember that most Theatre people will know how to spell my name. Force of habit, tho.

PS: Sorry to all the WoW players who read that as Bind On Pickup.
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