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TREK FEST! (aka, OMG I don't have a Trek Icon?!?!)

This weekend in Riverside, IA, the Trek Fest XXII will be held. The future birthplace of Capt. James T. Kirk holds the event every year. This year's events include:

Friday starting at 6pm: volleyball tournament, kids parade, pet show, demolition derby, cow chip bingo, and hot air balloon rides. (Damn, I have to work >.<)

Saturday: 9am to 1am: parade at 10am, more volleyball tournament, pony rides, Trek costume contest (think I'll grab some henna and go as a Trill), kids tractor pull, magic show, and live auction.

Admission is free. For more info, call 319-648-3501. If anyone wants to go on Saturday, I might be up for a carpool.
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