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I woke up this morning (yes, the a.m. type of morning, about 8a.m. to be specific) with a raging migraine. Light, sound, moving, not moving, silence, and darkness all made it hurt more. Sleep was not happening. I took 800mg IB and 1000mg acetamenophen. I lay down on the couch with PB&H and my regular mochalatte I make. I was hoping everything would stay down, as much as I was hoping I'd have hyperemesis (that's power-vomiting), which usually makes the pain subside a bit. After a while, I took some sinus headache pills, in case it was allergy related. So I was all doped up, listening to my Daily Show and Colbert Report on the hushhush and viewing thru sunglasses in my darkened living room with a bag of frozen corn on my forehead. I called in around 2:30 that I wouldn't be in immediately and maybe not at all. The thing about these migraines is that even after the pain subsides, I'm left with no energy, no appetite, and no willpower. This in addition to the fact that I'm extra tired from getting very little sleep (which was probably poor quality). :6 I feel teh yuck!
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