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Body parts I do not necessarily need

by Andrew R. Juhl (from the Daily Iowan: The Ledge)

• appendix (check)
• gallbladder
• wisdom teeth (check)
• coccyx
• each plica semilunaris (the small fold of tissue on the inside corner of the eye which is the vestigial remnant of the nictitating membrane present in other animals)
• every hair follicle not on my head
• the left and right plantaris muscles (I had to look it up)
• one kidney (either one)
• one eye (either one)
• one lung (either one)
• one testicle (preferably the left) (check-check)
• digits two and four on one hand
• digit three on the other hand
• four toes (any two from either foot)
• ovaries (and the like) (and testicles?! check... v_v)
• dewclaw (snicker, check)
• a third leg (of the non-idiomatic variety) (um, check?)
• moobs (LMAO!, and check. I gots woobs.)
— Andrew R. Juhl also has a heart he's not currently using, but he doesn't want to sell it, for sentimental reasons. E-mail him at: andrew-juhl@uiowa.edu

My comments in italics, der.
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