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Quick B-day Update

I ended up getting a couple of Dr. John CDs for P, plus I fixed that door. I got some other random little things, too. Bob came up from Burlington, too. His birthday was also recent, but I didn't realize that, so I didn't get him anything. >.< Oh, well. And if anyone knows a good place in the area to get wooden boat oars, I'm all ears.

Tomorrow, er, um, later this morning, I'm going to a friend's graduation party. I think he's like a *counts on fingers* *runs out*... he's like Storm. Cornell theatrites know what I mean. Seventh year? Anyway, he's graduating. Should be fun. ^_^

Edit: OMG, and how could I forget?! I got her The 40-Year-Old Virgin Unrated. We didn't get around to watching it, but maybe tomorrow night. *waits for ladypentacles' gush*
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