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Oh, it worked ^_^

I don't think I posted about it, but my laptop's been having this overheating problem. I thought it was just the summer coming on and keeping the vent from having cool air to pump thru. I mentioned this over at morgaine723's party, and she'd had the same problem with her laptop until Daddy Dave came and blew out the dust. So, Can-o-Air. It looked like Mt. St. Helen's 'sploded all over. Yeah, that was the problem. It runs not even warm now. Thanks, Daddy Dave!

Oh, and on my new toy, I can transfer my TiVo recordings to it. Also, while updating my TiVo Desktop software, I found out there's a program I can buy that has the codec for burning TiVo recordings onto DVD that can then be played in any DVD player. I'll have to check into that.
Tags: computer, morgaine723, tivo, zen
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