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Modem DOWN! We've got a modem down!

Yup, last night I got home from flower76's game day, which was super fun, BTW, to find that my internet was down. Unplug to reset... 2 blinky lights, that's not good. Something with the signal from the cable company, but when I call them, they say they're not getting a signal from the modem. They can get someone out to the house on Wednesday morning. +>.< So, I'm down quite a few LJ posts, and am suffering WoW withdrawal. On the good side, I caught up on almost all of my TiVo watching. P says we might need to try SouthSlope. We'll see how this plays out.

I wanted to rant about it in a phone post last night, but couldn't remember what I set my PIN to. >.<+
Tags: cable, internet
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