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WoW appears to be broken, but I got a new toy!

I broke down and got a not-iPod today. I was going to get something with maybe 4-8GB of storage, but the price difference from the 8GB I wanted and the video-including-TiVoToGo/FM-radio/mp3-wmv-subcription-music-player/photo-viewer/portable-storage-device 30GB was only another 30% or so. So, I'm now the amazed owner of a Creative Zen Vision:M. Pretty gloss black on the front, iPod-ish in many ways. The main difference and the thing that steered me away from the iLine of products is the fact that Apple products are proprietary. You can't use the iPod with subscription services, and the one I wanted to go with anyway was Yahoo! Music Unlimited to Go. It's only $8/month more than my LaunchCastPlus service and a bit cheaper than Napster. Plus if I switched, I'd have to re-rate all the songs I've done that with on Y!. I was shocked when I pulled out the "look what I can do" sheet and it said it was compatible with TiVo. So, happy happy joy joy. I'm a techno junky once again.
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