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Finished Wicked

I've been reading too many stories with sad endings lately. I know, I know... it's like watching Titanic (the boat sinks). I know the green girl is going to be murdered, but I didn't expect to care about her so much. I've added showtunes to my LaunchCast mix, so I've heard a few songs from the eponymous musical. Today, I nearly started bawling at work when in less than a minute, Kristin Chenoweth sang to me these words:
Don't wish. Don't start.
Wishes only wound the heart.
There's a girl I know;
He loves her so.
I'm not that girl...

I think I'm having a rough emotional patch. Vivid dreams where I wonder if I'm dreaming and the colors and the smells and the sensations all tell me no. Sleeping too much and still waking up tired. I know what it means; I know what it is. D is for depression. Crap.

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