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I was going to try the phone-post, but my cell died...

Tonight, I'm leaving work. I turn out of the parking area and on to Johnson. I come up to Market and slow down as I see a pedestrian, but he's not walking. He looks like he's bending over to pick up something he dropped, maybe. Then, one of his sandals falls off. Then, he falls over. Then, he just sits there.

I pull up, roll down my window, and ask, "Are you okay?"

He looks up at me. He is a bit drunk, methinks. He slurs out, "Yeah. Thank you for asking." He's the most polite drunk student I've encountered in a while.

I say, "I was only asking because you fell down in the street and are just sitting in a crosswalk."

He looks around. "Yeah, I should probably move," but he stays sitting there.

"Yes, you should. I'm gonna go now. Bye."


I just thought I'd share that.
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