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"I'm feeling much better now..."

I think I'm going all depressive again. Today was frustrating, but I handled it okay. I think the thing that gets me pissed off the most is traffic. I think I really hate driving. Especially the other people out there, and the traffic lights. Oh, the traffic lights, especially the red bits... Can't just shoot them out with a pistol anymore, not with the solid-state LED arrays (yes, I know solid-state LED is redundant). I think the return to my 25mg qd amitriptyline is a good thing, but it takes a while to build up in the system again. I refuse to take anything strong like Zoloft again. My brain is all Quantum Leap swiss-cheesey from that stuff. :P Bleah, I just noticed that the most recent thing in my journal was really, really, um, angry? So, I wanted to let people know that I haven't flipped out and done anything rash. Not rash at all, even by a sane person's standards. I think I'm bored a lot, too. Maybe I miss playing in pool league. No, that's a definite. I do miss it. The socializing and the competition. Well, I'm going to force myself up before noon tomorrow. It's a promise to me. I'll prove I did it by posting here... Wow, I wrote a whole lot of nothing tonight. XD Stream of non-sense-ness. Whatever, g'night.
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