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I'm feeling much better now. ^_^

Thanks for all those who commented in my little ego-feeding-frenzy. I wasn't really depressed, just a lot of things conspired to put me in a foul mood.

Word AssociationLast night, I went home and was supposed to stay up all night so I could wake P at 3:30am so she could get to the airport around 5am. I though, "No worries. I can play WoW, catch up on iconaddicts, and make that new Sinfest icon (at right) that I said I would. Well, the power had failed at some point, so I didn't get to reset the router until 3:30am when I woke P. Luckily, I had some images predownloaded and got 3 icons done before that. I really had fun adapting the Sinfest strips to 100x100 animated icons (the last 3 here).

Well, back to work, just putting in a quick appearance. Hey, look! New default icon! ^v^
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