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Game Day / Dogsitting Thoughts and Present

Game Day
Another lovely Sunday Game Day at flower76's. I played Apples to Apples, The A-Maze-ing Labyrinth, Cranium, and Uno Stacko. I'd only played A2A before.

I really enjoyed Cranium because it was so diverse in the types of problems presented. If you haven't played it, go out of your way to get to. It's a great social game for medium to large groups.

Labyrinth is a strange game where the players change the board trying to achieve their goals. Brian and I were reminiscing about a game called Bonkers, which also had a board-changing motif. I must find and own this game again.

Uno Stacko... On rethinking this, I did play this a few years ago at Daddy Dave's. It's very much fun. Like Jenga but with a die to dictate which number or color of piece you must move. The tower starts at 17 levels and we got it up to 30 during the last game before it was toppled. Very impressive all around.

It was a bit of a potluck event also, and I made my deviled eggs. This is one of the few things I can make from scratch, and I'm told I do it very well. I replaced the regular salt with Lowry's, and I think it added even a little more kick than usual.

It was a very fun night overall, and we didn't stay too late this time. Flower was good about kicking we four stragglers out at about 10pm. Thank you for hosting, Flower!


Dogsitting Thoughts / Present from Chicago
( see RotD re dogsitting )
Patti went off with Dale to another artists' festival in Chicago. I had to dogsit Dale's dog, Zoe. A few thoughts about dogs. I never have wanted to have a child, nor a dog. They're quite analogous to me. Really. Let me explain. Sometimes I will see a child (or dog) that is so cute, or sweet, or well behaved that I think to myself, "Oh, I want one (just like that)!" Then there's a reality, where I actually spend some time with a child (or dog), and I realize that it's not for me. I really, really didn't like the dogsitting. At all. I just can't imagine that I'd be any good at being a parent or a dog owner. I mean, I can go away for a few days and the cats will be fine. Not so with a child (or dog), hence the need for babysitters (or dogsitters). Have you ever catsat? You clean out the litterbox and check their food and water levels once a day and clean up any hairballs they had. That's it.

Well anyway, in appreciation for the dogsitting, Patti got me an 11"x14" photo of a mountain lion from this guy at the show. It's gorgeous. I need to get a proper frame for it as it is not matted or anything. I guess it was all worth it. I wasn't expecting anything in return. I mean the room and board is nice enough that I don't bitch about too much of what she asks. :)
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