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Dancing WoW Icons for all the Alliance and Horde!

My first full batch of icons on a theme.
[16 Dancing World of Warcraft Icons]

World of Warcraft put up samples of the races dancing. The files they made were 120x120 and well over 40K, which won't work on LJ. I pared them down and threw out a bunch of frames. Jumpier, but usable.
Originals available at http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/races/dancing.html
Since I did so much work to make them LJ-compatable, I consider them
Original Adaptations: Take freely, but please credit mandydax and Blizzard.

They're are in my LJ Scrapbook tag: dance gallery. They're all transparent backgrounds.

Female Night Elf Dancing (anigif)Male Night Elf Dancing (anigif)Female Human Dancing (anigif)Male Human Dancing (anigif)
Female Dwarf Dancing (anigif)Male Dwarf Dancing (anigif)Female Gnome Dancing (anigif)Male Gnome Dancing (anigif)

Female Tauren Dancing (anigif)Male Tauren Dancing (anigif)Female Troll Dancing (anigif)Male Troll Dancing (anigif)
Female Orc Dancing (anigif)Male Orc Dancing (anigif)Female Forsaken Dancing (anigif)Male Forsaken Dancing (anigif)

These images are © Blizzard Entertainment®. I'm including a link to their Legal FAQ (See Q#2.)

X-posted in mandydax, iconaddicts, adopt_me, worldofwarcraft, and my own guild's community perfect_dawn of Eldre'Thalas. I'm also sending a note to Blizzard to see if they'll link it on the dancing page.
Tags: dance, icon, wow
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