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Monday, Monday...

This afternoon, after I picked up Patti, I was going to get on here... for... something. My internet was down. Service interruption for Mediacom Online. I was sad.

Then, I went to play in pool league. I was so close to winning the first two racks, but couldn't do it. My teammates couldn't win one either. We were getting stomped, our opponents about to get a perfect match of nine racks when I somehow managed to defeat their anchor player. We won one round out of four, which was better than I'd thought we would do going into the last rack. My score 23 out of 30. I beat one of the other players in a rematch (unfortunately it doesn't count toward league).

I came home, watched Joe Schmo 2. This show is hilarious. If you've missed it, Spike is having a marathon of all the epis on 8/10 from 9am-5pm ET, with the two-hour finale at 10pm ET. It's just so campy, and sometimes I think "How can they not know?" I watch very little reality TV, but I gave this one a try and got hooked.

Oh, yeah. When I came home, Floyd (one of Patti's cats) was sitting on the walkway down to the house. Just sitting there. In the shadows. He's black and white tuxy, so hard to see in the dark anyway. Usually he comes up and greets me at the road if he's out, but it totally freaked me out. I'm walking along and notice there's this... animal in my path. I let out a shout. Then admonished him for startling me and walked past, expecting him to follow so he could come in. But he just sat there. I had to carry him in. He's so weird sometimes. As an aside, when people come over, he usually attacks them if they try looking at him wrong. I show people the place we can tie up boats (dock), the place we barbeque (deck), and Floyd (dick). If only we had a wooden mallard (duck) and an action figure of Luke Skywalker's gunner on Hoth (Dak). Oh, well.
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