Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

Sonuva.... Frak!

Ok, so I knew that if you deleted and uploaded a different userpic, all the places you used the one you deleted turn into (default icon). Well, also, if you change the keywords on your icons even without changing them otherwise, the same thing happens. Piss me off. >.<

I just wanted to put in the keywords of my own icons that I made whether I wanted credit or that they not be stolen. Now all the witty icons I put in comments are *poof*!


Anyway... I found the methadone to the heroin that is WoW. Icon making. I haven't been on WoW (except to patch it) in three days. I've been working hard at it. Then I decided I was staying up too late, so I'm going to go to bed early and when I get up, I can play with it, and do all the loud things I like to do but can't when it's dark. But, tonight, I saw this. A page on the WoW site that has downloadable anigifs of the various dances. OMG. Problem. They're 120x120, and the size is over 40k. Well, I can fix that! So, I've done the female (see icon) and male Night Elves, and I am really going to bed now, and I'll do the other 14 at another time. Dammit.
Tags: icon, wow
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