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Bad day worse (rant)

Ok, now suddenly, Launchcast isn't recognizing my plus premium subscription. I sent them a nasty note. The whole reason I have plus is not to hear commercials. I have TiVo for this reason, I change radio stations in my car when they come on, and I'm paying to have it on LC+! Bastards. So, I'm listening to uninfluenced, low quality music feed interrupted by inane commercials for stuff I wouldn't consider wanting and I have used too much bandwidth this month (because I listen to it on high for 8 hours a day 5 days a week) and so I can't skip any songs and I can't access my moods to let it know I want more Cure- and Smiths-type music. How much s#!ttier is this day gonna get? T_T

I had to ask. I thought I'd just listen to Radio Free Colorado. So much for that idea. It's gone.

(another edit)
LC+ is + again! Sweet Carlos!
Tags: launchcast, rant, rfc
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