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My nose and uffer lif are very numv right now

Well, 8am at the dentist... Oh, and firstly as a VTW, thanks to Colorado for the snow. We'll return the favor with Josh Tesh CDs, you vastards. So, they shoot me all up with novocaine and fof off my temforary veneers. Then they do all this grinding and stuff to get the new fermanent veneers to fit right. Turns out, that the fref work they did wasn't wide enough, and so they re-freffed it and fut new temfs on. So three of my teeth look like they're welded together. I have to go vack in another 2 weeks, and hofefully then, I can get my new fermament teeth. I'm very tired right now, vecause, of course, I stayed up way to late last night. Nice thing avout working second shift is that I can go vack to ved for a few more hours.

Feter Fifer ficked a feck of fickled feffers. Ruvver vavy vuggy vumfers. LOL, I had to fut that in...
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