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Hooray! I feel like axe-murdering tonight!

So, joshwasta told me that since I have In the Mouth of Madness, I really needed to watch it. So, I did. The really strange thing is that while I don't ever remember watching it before, I had a severe sense of déjà vu throughout the entire movie. I even knew about the map ahead of time, right down to the state. Maybe I was written to know these things. I can't be sure. If I've simply seen it and forgotten most of it, that's one thing, but either way, it's all the more frightening this way. Thanks to flower76 for getting this as a prize for the Halloween party last year. I wish I'd seen it before, and maybe I have... Anyway. Thanks to Wasta for strongly encouraging me to watch it.
Tags: deja vu, flower76, in the mouth of madness, joshwasta
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