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Spring Is Nigh

It's that time of year again. Today was 70°F out at the lake. A beautiful day to air out the room and start the Spring Cleaning!

<rant>Also, evidently a beauitful day to go to Wal-Mart and deal with something that can be expressed in only three words: barely suppressed rage. You know, the kind where if I were anime, I'd have a pulsing vein on my head. I decided I wanted to redecorate a little. Get some nice storage bins, a nice wicker hamper, a nice garbage can, a nice bookshelf and a nice new computer desk set. The first three were okay. I found the furniture pieces I wanted. I found a nice young lady to get me some help. I heard her page three times for help in the furniture dept. By the time the fourth page went out, I had decided to go to the checkout and say how I found everything I needed except for some strong people to help me cart out the furniture I wanted to purchase. "CSM to Lane 19!" That was much nicer. It took a good forty minutes from when I asked for help the first time to when I had the stuff in my car. The poor girl who was paging for assistance was the first one to get the CSM's tongue-lashing. I did jump to her defense, since the CSM was under the impression that she was ignoring the page and not sending it.</rant>

I've got most of the trash picked up and I'm going to go thru my clothes tomorrow to see what I really don't want anymore, which will be most of it, I'm sure. I have an old all-in-one fax/copier/scanner/printer that hasn't worked in years. I'm going to see if it can be recycled. I'm going to set up my old desktop to use as maybe a jukebox/Photoshop station. We'll see. I'm just so revved up to actually get rid of a bunch of junk that I haven't used in forever. I'm really going to ditch the packrat mentality for this. Stay tuned for posts about anything you all may want. Not all my junk will be junk to all people.
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