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Update during a little break at work

Well, I have new teeth, but they're just temps. (Cheaper because temps don't get benefits ~_^ ) Anyway, Tuesday morning, I spent over 2 hours in the chair having my top incisors ground down and impressions taken and color matching for the temp veneers. I go back on the 21st to get the permanent ones put on. I've been practicing smiling with my teeth, something I've gotten used to not doing because of the terrible discolorations of the previous veneers. All told it is $2900 for the 4 teeth. They recommended doing 6 or 8, but not this year. If I'd known the price, I'd have maxed out my FSA, instead of only puting in $40 bi-weekly. After the insurance maxes out, I still have about $2125 to pay. Luckily, I'm still being frugal about my money like I was before the huge raise with my new position, so I can swing it. ^.^

I'm getting over $400 back from taxes, if I ever get that new printer hooked up... I need to clean my room, and that'll be my catalyst.

After that project (spring cleaning), I'm going to start building my leg extensions for my costume. Maybe drawing up some plans for a mask, too. Those eyes and ears are going to be a big challenge.


I know this is a hard time for a lot of us from Cornell, some a lot more than others. Know that no matter how many miles separate us, we're still family, and I love you. My heart goes out to you all.
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