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Puns, WoW, and Dave... and my Lake was a sound stage for Star Wars VII

Wow, puns was featured on the LJ home page, and it just exploded! I had to go back 3 pages on my friends page. O.o

Speaking of WoW, I have my first 60! Dinged last night in the presence of flower76 and nullcortex, both of whom were just dying to get to Silithus and be there for me. I have screenshots and will be putting them up on perfect_dawn under my character's username, eth_on_eldre, maybe tomorrow.

I tried to get a working model of my leg extensions ready. A scaled down version, that is, but the Dremel isn't cutting it, nor drilling it, nor sanding it. I think I'll just show my drawings to snakewich tomorrow, and see what he thinks. It's a wonderful concept, and I think I may just go full-scale to start with, I am so confident.

davedujour, I got the tape today. Thank you! I'm glad I got to see these this weekend. I watched this weekend's epis right after also, so I'm all caught up. Hooray for friends who watch the same crap I do and have TiVo! ^o^

Oh! And an afterthought... The coolest (maybe coldest) thing this morning. The ice ont he lake was pinging. Like if you hold a metal slinky up to your ear and tap it while it hangs down. It sounds a lot like a Star Wars blaster (which is from tapping a guy wire on a radio station antenna), but slightly higher pitched. It was that the ice was getting thin enough to be flexible without snapping over large distances, and the wave action was out of synch with the ice above it or something like that. It sounded like a blaster battle somewhere in the hills around, because it would echo in the basin, too. Kewlest morning sounds evar!
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