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AP Rots the Brain - MandyDax

I don't know when the last time I ranted about the AP's terrible spelling and, especially, grammar. Facepalm doesn't begin to describe it. Well, their mathematical abilities are reaching the same level of incompetence.

See this story: Scientists Find 1st Neutrinos in Project.

The IceCube project uses holes dug 2,500 meters (8,250 feet) into ice near the South Pole. This is right on. There are 1.6km per mile, so 3300 feet per kilometer. 2.5km * 3300ft/km = 8250 feet.

The plan calls for building an observatory 1 cubic kilometer (35,000 cubic feet) in size by 2010, about 20,000 times the capacity of the Super Kamiokande neutrino detector in central Japan.
Ok, they're only off by about 6... orders of magnitude! Again, 3300 feet per kilometer, so a cubic kilometer is a cube 3300 feet on a side. 33003 = 35,937,000,000 (almost 36 billion) cubic feet. If Ice Cube were 20,000 times the capacity (volume) of the Super Kamiokande detector, and the Ice Cube were really 35,000 cubic feet, that would put the Super Kamiokande at a volume of 1.75 cubic feet. That's about as large as the capacity of this microwave oven.

I'd have failed classes in college if my fact checking and basic math skills were this bad.
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