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OMG! Perfect gift ideas for some of yous guys...

Thanks to beetlebomb in puns, who pointed out this site!

Scrolling BuckleFor capnbuckle: "the most technologically advanced piece of clothing since the Hypercolor t-shirt: the LED scrolling belt buckle."

More CowbellFor nix_guru: "Because less cowbell would result in less cowbell."

New Mexico:  Cleaner than regular MexicoFor dormouse_in_tea: It's slightly true.

You have died of dysenteryFor histrygrrl: "You bought 1350 lbs of this shirt but you can only carry 200 back to the wagon."

What =wouldn't= Jesus do?For fraupastor: "what better way to fully understand what Jesus would do, than by inquiring what he wouldn't do?"

Chuck Norris:  HeroFor cipherpunk: Since you were the first to point out his coolness to me, " Hero: George Washington? Abraham Lincoln? John Glenn? HA! I'd like to see them roundhouse kick."

Tags: bustedtees, gift ideas, tshirts

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