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Pool & Migraine / Bodies on Tables / Coaster Builder / More Pool

Wed. Pool League and Migraine!
Playoffs were Wednesday, and I started out great, then bad, then great, then bad, then worse, then worst, then almost dead.

I won my first rack no problem.

Second rack: I had ball in hand with three to get out, and I'm looking at the position I want from the 3 to the 1 to stop for the 8. Patti calls time-out! I get flustered and tell her no, but she insists. I say, "I'm shooting the 3 to get on the 1 to stop for the 8!" She says, "Why did you put the ball down like you're going to shoot the 1?" "Because I'm getting my position in mind." "Well, it looked like you were going to shoot the 1." "There's no way I'd shoot the 1 first. That's a fool's shot. There'd be no way to get back on the 3!" I can't believe she thought I'd make a tactical error like that. I was in the zone until she called time-out, and then she broke my trance and I missed the easiest cut on the 3! Grr. So I lost that game. I got grumpy and tense.

Third rack: I didn't want to think about how pissed I was about rack 2. I buckled down and played some excellent safeties to get my balls all laid out to run them. I had to bank the 8-ball, but it went, so I won that rack and was thrilled.

Fourth rack: The tension I mentioned earlier had really started building up, and I had a headache starting, along with my feet and back and shoulders hurting. I had played strategically well and was about to win when I missed the 2-ball hanging in the corner. I mean I didn't even hit it. This is a foul and I give my opponent ball in hand, which he uses to play his two balls out. Another loss. We end up winning the match 7-5 against the #2 ranked team. We were #3.

Next match, we play the winners of the #1 and WildCard match, which was the #1 team. My headache is intensifying and I take some ibuprofen.

First rack: I kept missing easy shots. Lost it only getting five balls down.

Second rack: Again, I can't shoot anything as I can hardly see straight anymore.

Patti takes me out of the match because she thinks I'm just being pouty and bitchy. That was only part of it. I went away and tried to relax, but couldn't. It was too late. I was getting my migraine aura. It's an olfactory sensation that reminds me of the taste of pennies: smelling copper. I feel the band tightening vise-like around my head.

By the time my team finished losing the match, I was squinting at the dim bar lighting. It's like having superhuman night vision except that normal light shoots spikes of pain into my head. I manage to drop off Woody and drive us home. I grab another handful of ibuprofen, some

sinus medicine, phenergan (which is internal but not oral), and lay down in bed trying not to feel anything. I think part of the whole thing was that I was so tired. Luckily, this meant that I fell asleep almost immediately.

I woke up on Thursday morning with just a dull ache, but no throbbing or stabbing pains. I took some more pills and went to work.


Bodies on Tables...
When we were warming up on Wed. for league, I noticed and actually read the plaque on the pool table:


Makes it seem like they were having a problem with the Mafia. "Gino, read the sign! No bodies on the tables! Coppish?"


Roller Coaster Builder
jaka_talbot and John should find this amusing. Discovery Channel Games' Build Your Own Coster.

Build it, submit it and get the "expert opinion" of the computer.


Thurs. Pool League Playoffs
Wow, we just blew it.

We were in races to 5, where hill-hill goes a 2-out-of-3 with one pairing playing from each team.

First match: We got to 4-4 and I pitted Chris and me against their best, and we lost 2 in a row. That was against the #5 Wild Card team (out of 6 teams).

Second Match: Playing for 3rd or 4th place, we lost 2-5. Blarg.

The really crappy thing is that we were the #1 team by like 9 rounds (out of 27 for the season). Chris and I, and Bill and I were the #1 and #2 pairings in the league, but we just couldn't do anything right that night. Blarg again... or still. :P


More later. I sleep now.

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